The Middle Seat

It’s tough being in the middle seat.
You don’t know where to put your arms,
You can’t lean on the window,
You have to awkwardly ask to use the bathroom (and you’ll be judged for the time spent),
You have to be a waiter/waitress and hand drinks over,
Both people pretend not to look look at your computer screen but you can feel their eyes,
The list goes on.

Sometimes life is like the middle seat.

We’re middle management so we have bosses that expect us to get infinite shiz done.

We manage young millennials that have high potential but struggle to avoid writing in text lingo in formal memos.

We have aging parents that can’t remember where they put their house keys so we drive over with the spare.

We have young kids that one of them managed to run into and smash a car tail light with their bike and the other one has been relegated to a pink cast for deciding a bounce house slide should be a tight rope.

We have colleges and weddings to pay for and the years seem to fly by with the savings not changing much.

We were once young and stud athletes with perfect bodies, no money, lots of time, and no worries. Now we have arguably no money, 26 hours of stuff to do in 24 hours, aches and pains in random places, and lots of stress points.

I’ve been asked by lots of people to write about life in the middle seat.

My life in the middle consists of:

A wife that is a loving, co-lead of our family

Two wonderful children (most of the time) that excelled despite literal and figuratively heartaches early in their lives,

My alma mater’s 2019 Most Outstanding Young Alumni award,

One of my firm’s youngest Associate Partners where I consult to some of the largest companies in the world and shape the financial wellbeing of hundreds of thousands

Top 10% half-Ironman finisher in 2019

As fit as I was in college (and I ran a 4:10 mile in college)

With everything I can tell you that strength comes from the middle. This blog is meant to address Mid Age Strength which isn’t discussed but is all about perspective, knowledge, and focus.

Full disclaimer: This blog is meant to get followers too for the book I am writing (more to come on that…).

We often see the end and judge the results but we forget the middle is where all the effort happens

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