Nobody to Somebody

In 2014, I took my first trip to Liberia, West Africa to lead a feasibility study for Sustainable Liberia, an organization that uses development as ministry.

There I met one of the strongest men in the world.

And it wasn’t physical strength…

I asked him why he brought his two kids to our creekside chats when none of the men or women had theirs with them and adults and kids don’t spend time together unless it’s out of necessity. Answer at the bottom…

He works hard to provide $2 USD/monthly so his family always has food and shelter,

He has one wife (Sidenote: That’s seen as weakness in the region. Don’t assume multiple wives is an issue in just one area, it’s merely a allegory of issues of control, manipulation, and theft throughout the world),

He is a leader in his community, 

And he was once a child soldier in one of the most heinous civil wars the world has ever seen in the 21st century.

I am not condoning his past, but highlighting where he came from, what he’s doing now, and the strength he exhibits. To the world he’s a nobody.

I am a dime a dozen in the corporate world. I keep waiting for the Federal Reserve to ask my opinion on interest rates but they never call.

I am lucky to place on the first page of race result sheets.

My kid cries because he can’t write his name (academic scholarship is probably out) and the other doesn’t want to race unless she’s the only one. Last time I checked, they line up more than one at Olympic races.

I am at the back of the line for checking in to pretty much everything.

To the world, I am a nobody. 

Answer from above: He said he wanted to be an example to his family and his elders. To them, he’s a somebody.

To someone, you are a somebody. 

Book update: I’ve started my outline for my book but probably won’t be ready until 2021. It will be a personal finance genre with a strength motif and some sprinkles of my favorite stories like the one above.

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